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About Us

Chairman's Message

Kazuaki Kama, Chairman

Since August 1964 when it was founded, with the unanimous support and cooperation of the machine industry, as a public-interest corporation aiming to contribute to the development of the machine industry in Japan, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry has effectively and appropriately worked to improve management, promote technology development and help other areas of the machine industry.

Today’ s Japanese economy faces more globalization and other significant changes in energy, environment and ageing population. We are required to cope with those changes with immediate investment in IT infrastructure, work style reforms including human resources development, and so-called 'connected industries' as well as Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Recognizing the need to strengthen the system for generating innovations in the changing global economy, the Society has started new programs to contribute in a more relevant way, including private-public-academic partnership projects and assistance to medium- and small-sized companies outside big cities, in addition to existing programs.

Based on those understandings, we are determined to unite the secretariat, the Economic Research Institute and the Technology Research Institute to make further efforts to turn the industry into a solution-oriented industry and contribute to the development of the machine industry in Japan.

Your continuous support and advice is and will be highly appreciated.

Management of the Kikai Shinko Kaikan building

The Kikai Shinko Kaikan building

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry manages and operates the Kikai Shinko Kaikan building to support the activities of many different organizations in the machine industry by allowing them to develop and maintain effective lines of communication and cooperation with each other. The society provides offices in the building, currently occupied by roughly 1,000 people from about 65 organizations, who conduct their business activities there. The building also contains the Kikai Shinko Club (literally, "the Club for the Promotion of Machine Industry"), which is used by members of the machine industry to communicate and network with each other, halls for lectures and presentations and more than 30 conference rooms of various kinds. If you are interested in using our facilities, please feel free to contact us.

Kikai Shinko Club

The Club’ s social lounge

Kikai Shinko Club is situated on the fifth and sixth floors of the Kikai Shinko Kaikan building, offering facilities such as a social lounge and a Japanese-style room. This club is available for use by registered members.

Conference rooms/Halls to let

Room 6D-1/2/3
Room 6D-2
Graphic of the hall in the 2nd basement
Room SS-1

We offer conference room and hall rental services not only to tenant organizations and registered members, but also to the general public. Those interested are welcome to use our conference rooms for meetings and training sessions and our halls (which have been recently remodeled) for lectures and other purposes.

Industry-University-Government Cooperative Center

The Industry-University-Government Cooperative Center was founded in April 2011 to facilitate broad interactions between local initiatives for the promotion of industry-university-government cooperation in the machine industry, thereby spreading the fruits of these efforts across Japan through enhancing links between different activities.

With its headquarters situated in the Kikai Shinko Kaikan building, the center integrates the functions of the Economic and Technical Research Institutes and leads efforts across our society that display synergy. The center's aim is to make further contributions to the growth of the Japanese machine industry by leveraging the experience and knowhow amassed by the Society.