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Technical Research Institute

This institute conducts independent and joint research concerning advanced production technologies and peripheral technologies, as well as undertakes machining, measurement, testing and other tasks requested of companies. In addition, it commends distinguished research and development achievements (through the presentation of the New JSPMI Prize) and provides training programs to facilitate technical cooperation with parties both inside and outside Japan.

Technical Research Institute Activities

Research & development on common fundamental technologies

Independent and joint research

The institute carries out research and development activities to find out feasible and common, fundamental technologies. It is intended that such a research undertaking would be positioned somewhere between basic or pioneering R&D initiatives and R&D with a focus on commercial viability. The institute is also engaged in research projects that are unlikely to be profitable if undertaken by a single company but have a good chance of yielding large profits if the whole industry utilizes the accomplishments of the research.

Dissemination of findings

The institute publishes research findings in reports, Journal of Technical Research Institute and other publications, as well as through presentations given at meetings for the reporting research findings, related academic conferences and other occasions. Its other forms of communicating its research findings include Fundamental Production Technology Workshops, lectures and seminars. For information about the Technical Research Institute recent activities, please visit its official website.

Shared use of the institute

Commissioned tasks

The institute undertakes machining, measurement, testing and other commissioned tasks requested by related companies and other parties.

- Material tests/analyses (X-ray micro analyzer, electron scanning microscope, infrared spectrophotometer, material
testing [microstructure examination/hardness tests/tensile tests], etc)

- Fine measuring (length standard calibrations, dimension measurements, roundness measurements, measurements of
straightness and shape, machine tool accuracy measurements, etc.)

- Production technologies (NC machining and peripheral technologies, high-precision machining technologies, etc.)

Manufacturing Support Rental Space

The institute offers Manufacturing Support Rental Space, an area which for a fee may be used for a variety of purposes, including as a base for product development or sales activities. The area is equipped with a rich variety of research and development functions, which small- to medium-sized businesses and venture businesses are sure to find useful.

Provision of mechanical engineering-related information

Machining Data File

The institute has constructed a database of machining technology-related information that will be of help in improving machining conditions and increasing machining efficiency. Our Machining Data Network allows paying users to refer to over 5,300 real-life cases on the Internet service.

New JSPMI Prizes

These prizes are granted to organizations and persons recognized as contributing to the progress and growth of the machine industry their superior R&D and commercialization efforts. Commemorative gifts and prize money are presented to the winners, while the Minister’ s Prize, from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Director-General’ s Prize, from the Small and Medium. Enterprise Agency, are given for achievements of excellence.